BFW Communique on Civil Society Meeting with NDB


Over 30 civil society representatives, including members of BRICS Feminist Watch (BFW) came together to interact with the senior management of the New Development Bank  (NDB) on the 25-26th of October, 2017 in Shanghai.


NDB’s President K V Kamath, Vice-Presidents Vladimir Kazbekov, Xian Zhu, and Leslie Maasdorp interacted with the group on various aspects of the bank such as its structure, staffing approach, communications strategy, policies, project financing, design, approval, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation, and financial instruments including green bonds.


The civil society organisations (CSOs) in turn presented their concerns, suggestions, and demands on issues of transparency, accountability, access to information, gender, environmental and social management, and mechanisms to institutionalize civil society engagement.


BFW submitted a communiqué to the NDB senior management reiterating their demands and suggestions for gender integration at the bank, and welcomed the opportunity to work with the NDB staff to ensure this.


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