Book Release. Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South


The India release of Vijay Prashad’s book  ’Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South’ on May 10, 2013 was co-organized by  South Solidarity Initiative, LeftWord and NewsClick.

In Poorer Nations, Vijay Prashad analyses neoliberalism’s failures and the rise of  BRICS countries  ,the World Social Forum, peasant movements such as Via Campesina and the Latin American revolutionary revival – in short, efforts to create alternatives to the neoliberal project. The Poorer Nations looks to the future while revising our sense of the past. View  the announcement and poster for the book release.

“Prashad’s book… explores a series of crucial questions for students of the global economy…Does the rise of the South offer the promise of an alternative development model, or is it simply “neoliberalism with Southern characteristics”? What has been the role of left governments in Latin America and women’s social movements throughout the world in fighting neoliberalism? To what extent can gatherings such as the World Social Forum deliver on its theme of “Another World Is Possible”? Read the complete book review on Jadaliyya   and purchase the book  here.


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