Investment Agreements and Development policy: The way forward


The SSI along with Focus on the Global South, Third World Network and Madhyam, co-organized a workshop on Investment Agreements and Development policy: The way forward on December 17, 2014. Experts analysed Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) and their impact on policy space. The discussion also explored possibilities of identifying potential strategies to transform or roll back BITs to regain government policy space and fulfill developmental objectives.

The  workshop  saw  a number of presentations:

1. Presentation by Sanya Reid Smith – Third World Network
2. Presentation by Prof. Jane Kelsey, University of Auckland
3. Presentation by G Manicandan
The Era of Mega-Arbitration by Kavaljit Singh
5.  What can India learn from its investment treaty with the UAE by Kavaljit Singh, Madhyam
6. Article on India’s BITs and the need for review by Biswajit Dhar, R Joseph & TC James
7. Article on Capital Account Regulatory Space under India’s Investment and Trade Agreements by Smitha Francis

 India’s Comprehensive Trade Agreements by S Francis and M Kallummal 

Photo Credit: Transnational Institute



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