Perspective Papers on BRICS


Ten years since the foreign ministers of Brazil, Russia, India and China first met as a group on the side lines of the United Nations General Assembly, the BRICS has evolved into an important multilateral forum with significant achievements in the form of the New Development Bank and a contingency reserve arrangement. The BRICS countries have articulated a democratised vision for the global political economy which is based on furthering the agenda of the South through just, equitable, and inclusive institutions. Moreover, the BRICS governments are increasing cooperation amongst themselves on issues of finance, agriculture, trade, terrorism, science and technology, and health and education and are investing more and more in order to institutionalise this process.

In this context, it is crucial to reflect upon the achievements, shortcomings as well as the potential of the grouping. This series of perspective papers written by eminent academics and researchers from Brazil, India, and South Africa attempts to do so by examining the past and present economic trajectories of the BRICS countries, by analyzing the implications of the group for international governance and the multipolar system, and also providing suggestions on the agenda and policies for the BRICS if they are to collectively respond to the key challenges facing the peoples of the global South.

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Perspective paper India
Perspective paper Brazil
Perspective paper South Africa


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